3D Scratch Waterproof Tattoo Sticker

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The 3D non Scratch-ableand Waterproof tattoos is theperfect eye-catching body accessory forthe summer parties!

TATTOO is a FORM of BODY ART that is PERMANENTLY placed by needles and ink. Are you the type of person who has a low tolerance for pain? Do you easily get used to stuff that a permanent thing is a big-NO for you? Well this product will SUIT you, introducing the 3D Scratch Waterproof Tattoo Sticker.

3D Scratch Waterproof Tattoo Stickeris 20 SHEETS ofSTICKER TATTOOwithSTRIKING THREE-DIMENSIONAL DESIGNS. It is 100% HIGH-QUALITY making itSAFEandNON-TOXIC. It isWATERPROOFand could just LAST for 2-3 DAYS. The designs are PREMIUM which makes itREAL LOOKING TATTOOS. The tattoos come fromDIFFERENT SIZESfrom SMALL to LARGE designs that you canCHANGE ANYTIME, ANY MOMENT.

3D Scratch Waterproof Tattoo Stickeris aPERFECT BODY ACCESSORYfor Parties, Beach Trips, Beach Party, summer, Pool Parties, or any occasion that you want to flaunt it. It can beAPPLIED anywhere in your bodylike Arms, Wrists, Fingers, Ankle, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Belly, Legs, Feet, even your HAIR!

3D Scratch Waterproof Tattoo StickerisEASY to USEandREMOVE. When APPLYING, just STICK it in your desired body area and WET it for 30 SECONDS and GENTLY PEEL OFF the paper. To REMOVE the tattoos just get a BABY OIL and GENTLY RUB it off.

Size:19cm x 9cm x 0.03cm

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